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Overcoming Business Off-Roading Challenges: Strategies to Revive Your Vision

How do you know what strategic moves you should be making in your business or non-profit? There are three things needed to be strategic…….

  • Direction

  • Alignment

  • Commitment

Are your moves in your business or non-profit in the direction of your vision? A vision is like a destination. Are you headed the right way? This is the year to review your vision and remove all things that cause you to veer. That's right - check your track marks! Are you off-roading on your business/non-profit vision?

Evidence of off-roading are:

  • Time zappers - A large percent of your time is tied up in everyday duties and when it comes to working on your vision - you are tapped out.

  • Financial drainers - your profit is being eaten up by repair not on building.

  • Emotional blind-sides - You find yourself drained and scattered by unknown sources.

  • THE BIGGEST - Vision Assault - Your vision has become cloudy, you are discouraged, lacking confidence.

The Key to getting back on the road is……….. STOP, BREATH and Find the ROAD!

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