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Where there is a woman,
there is potential for transformation!

CHAYIL Public Benefit Corporation provides educational, coaching and personal development services to women nationally and internationally so they may transform their nations, countries, states, cities, towns, and villages.

 How it all started…... 

The business was established from an inheritance left to me by my mother. My mother was an intelligent, beautiful, fiery woman who was promoted on December 05, 2020. The loss of my mother shook me to the core. She was my best friend. We spent many days talking, laughing, crying, and singing. My mom and I were different but the same. In her later years, I learned so much about love, heartache, and staying consistent.


When I was young, my mother ran for a position on the Board of Education because she wanted to help the children obtain all they needed to succeed. She often accepted speaking engagements at women's conferences and stood up against injustices. 


She was known for her cooking skills and ability to passionately speak the truth to you. My mom desired for everyone to know their value. She always told me, "Never give up, Miss Lady." She championed the cause for the "least of these." My mom never met a stranger and always made everyone feel loved.


So, with what my mom left me – I started this business to continue with her love for the least of these. CHAYIL PBC will help equip and develop women and children to pursue their God-given dreams. 


This organization is dedicated to my mom and all women who want to help the "least of these" develop their potential.

Miriam Torrez



Our Services

Workshops, Conferences, Seminars, Coaching & Mentoring for Personal development, Business consultation or Developing potential

Literature Class

Hours of Operation

Mon - Thurs
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.


Phone: 505-203-8782

6547 N Academy Blvd #2243

Colorado Springs, CO 80918


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